A “Beary” Fun Breakfast

This is a precious idea for getting your kids to eat a healthy breakfast! You could use 100% whole wheat bread and instead of cinnamon and butter, try peanut butter or almond butter! Too cute! Advertisements

Cookin’ Up Some Quinoa

Quinoa has been all the rage here lately but the question is… what is it? Quinoa, pronounced KEEN-WAH, is a grain-like plant seed. What’s cool about this seed is that while most plant-based foods do not contain all of the  essential amino acids, quinoa does-which makes it a complete protein. It resembles rice or couscous … Continue reading

Juice Choosin’

Over some time, juice has gotten a bad rap. The professionals are now saying to choose whole fruits over juice and if it’s a must, try to only have one serving of fruit juice per day. This recommendation is a good one, because juice can tend to have a good bit of sugar and calories. … Continue reading

Totally Tea Obsessed

Back in October, I became extremely interested in different types of tea. Before that time, the only tea that I drank was sweet tea on occasion. One of my girlfriends is extremely obsessed with tea and after hearing her talk about it, I became interested.  First, I started with the basic tea bags. At an … Continue reading


Yes, I still exist. Had a busy, vacation-filled first part of March… but BACK TO REALITY… and blogging 🙂 So even though it’s basically over, March is National Nutrition Month. These days there are so many misconceptions about what nutrition actually is, that I thought I’d take this opportunity to explain why us Registered Dietitians … Continue reading

Healthy Valentine’s Day Ideas

When I think of Valentine’s Day, I think of lots of candy and lots of eating. Instead of giving your honey an extra couple pounds during this love-obsessed season, try a something different this year! Instead of going out to eat at that expensive restaurant that you had to book a month in advance, stay … Continue reading

Grocery low-down: Low-cal dessert bars!

Like I have said from the very beginning, just because I am a dietitian does not mean that I eat perfectly. If you follow me on any social media networks then you know that my husband and I are constantly eating waffles for breakfast on the weekends and that I tend to eat some form … Continue reading

NEW YEAR, NEW YOU…. but for how long?

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!! I am officially back into the swing of things after a break from work, blogging, and normal daily life. Christmas with my family was wonderful, and I ate so much in a matter of three days (Christmas Eve Eve, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day) that I am still working hard to make … Continue reading