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Country Fried Wife.

So. Yea…. It’s October. And I haven’t posted since May. Basically I suck at blog life lately but I can’t say I am mad about it! My nutrition consulting has picked up a lot quicker than I thought (praise Jesus) and let’s not forget I still have a full time job! Also, I like to … Continue reading

Totally Tea Obsessed

Back in October, I became extremely interested in different types of tea. Before that time, the only tea that I drank was sweet tea on occasion. One of my girlfriends is extremely obsessed with tea and after hearing her talk about it, I became interested.  First, I started with the basic tea bags. At an … Continue reading


Yes, I still exist. Had a busy, vacation-filled first part of March… but BACK TO REALITY… and blogging 🙂 So even though it’s basically over, March is National Nutrition Month. These days there are so many misconceptions about what nutrition actually is, that I thought I’d take this opportunity to explain why us Registered Dietitians … Continue reading

Frozen Food Frenzy!

Due to the holiday season, I have realized that I am exceeding in the “worst wife ever” category along with the “worst blogger ever.” What do I mean by this? I’ve stopped cooking. I am spending my afternoons after work shopping, and not getting home soon enough to plan a meal. Plus, I will just … Continue reading

♥ Pumpkin & Liam Lovin’ ♥

So since my last blog I have been out of town several times for work, have had an ill grandmother in the hospital who is improving daily (PRAISE JESUS!) and have become a fourth-time aunt to my very first NEPHEW!! William Mancil Dearman IV. AKA: Liam. Yes, I am aware that he is the cutest … Continue reading

Fall into Spaghetti Squash

So naturally since October 1st, I’ve seemed to be in an “all things fall” kind of mood. I mean I like the way fall feels and all, but really to me fall= Christmas is ALMOST here. So basically I just pretend to be all about fall until it’s appropriate to eat my mother-in-law’s fudge and … Continue reading

Food Fight: Pizza Pizzazz- Round 2!

And the results are in! Below is Jess’s homemade turkey pepperoni pizza… I do believe that there were no leftovers!! And here is my version of a homemade Margherita pizza… it was so yummy! So I had to do some adjusting during my nutrition information comparison because the recipe nutrition facts and the store bought … Continue reading

Eggplant a la Husband

Eggplant is not one of those vegetables (well actually it’s a fruit) that I grew up eating. No reason, it was just rare in our household. I mean you don’t typically hear kids say “Hey mom, I’m craving eggplant!” It was in college where I first encountered an eggplant dish, when my roommate went on … Continue reading

Stress Reducing Foods

If you are like me, stress has a way of creeping into your life whether you like it or not! Check out these awesome stress reducing foods from WebMD.