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Too busy to be healthy? PLAN YOUR LIFE!

Life. Can we say busy? Like almost every other human being I know… as summer approaches, life seems to get a bit more hectic. Weddings, showers, vacations, reunions, gardening (yes, I’m a grandmother) etc. take up life. And what are we all trying to do before these events… “lose some weight.” I cannot tell you … Continue reading

Coo Coo for Coconut Products???

Since Jess and I have gotten extremely into Crossfit, we keep hearing the word coconut- coconut water, coconut oil, coconut milk… Now keep in mind that prior to Crossfit, the only coconut we have ever cared about were the ones they offered us on our honeymoon that contained rum and a large straw. Neither of … Continue reading

My Husband Took Away My Scale!!!!

When I began this blog, I vowed to myself that I would share my ¬†health successes as well as my struggles. Since January, I have experienced a personal struggle and have been writing and re-writing this blog post since. Only now that I am on the other side of my struggle, do I feel confident … Continue reading

Juice Choosin’

Over some time, juice has gotten a bad rap. The professionals are now saying to choose whole fruits over juice and if it’s a must, try to only have one serving of fruit juice per day. This recommendation is a good one, because juice can tend to have a good bit of sugar and calories. … Continue reading

Totally Tea Obsessed

Back in October, I became extremely interested in different types of tea. Before that time, the only tea that I drank was sweet tea on occasion. One of my girlfriends is extremely obsessed with tea and after hearing her talk about it, I became interested.¬† First, I started with the basic tea bags. At an … Continue reading

Healthy Valentine’s Day Ideas

When I think of Valentine’s Day, I think of lots of candy and lots of eating. Instead of giving your honey an extra couple pounds during this love-obsessed season, try a something different this year! Instead of going out to eat at that expensive restaurant that you had to book a month in advance, stay … Continue reading