About Constance

A Glimpse.

When people hear the word dietitian they often think “knower of all diets.”  The common thought about my profession seems to be that dietitians survive off of celery sticks and water. Let me tell you now, NEITHER of these are accurate assumptions. If you ask me about any diet, I’m more than likely going to tell you not to waste your time. If you think I survive off celery, then you definitely don’t know me well enough and you surely haven’t met my junk-loving husband. I am a strong believer in the statement “everything in moderation” and I try to illustrate that through my daily life.

As for the dietitian part, well that simply means that I suffered through six years of school (and several boxes of awful hairnets) in order to be able to provide accurate nutrition information. I am simply a motivated, outspoken Mississippi girl who wants to share the truth about nutrition and health. Through this blog, I hope to share my successes, struggles, tasty recipes, and knowledge on nutrition in a real-life format that will help people realize that eating healthy does not have to be miserable, and certainly does not have to be called a diet.

Outside of my career, I am just your basic newlywed working hard to incorporate fruits and vegetables into my extra picky husband’s diet of meat and potatoes. I am constantly aiming to find different ways to encourage him to try new foods. Because he is a strong supporter of all things I believe in, he has committed to occasionally try new, healthy recipes and let me blog about it. This is a huge commitment for him, and I am sharing it with the world just in case he decides to chicken out. 🙂

So…. Who is Constance?

Constance Shelby, MS, RD, LD received her Bachelor of Science in Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion from Mississippi State University. She went on to complete her dietetic internship and receive her Master of Science in Nutrition and Food Systems from the University of Southern Mississippi. During her time at the University of Southern Mississippi, Constance was recognized as Mississippi Dietetic Association’s Most Outstanding Dietetic Intern for the year 2011.

Constance currently serves as the Health and Wellness Co-Director for The Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi. There she actively works to improve the public’s knowledge about health, with the overall goal of lowering the risk of obesity-related disease. Constance creates and implements unique, kid-focused programs designed to make eating right and living healthy become cool and fun. She works very closely with school health councils across the state, educating on health application in the school setting. Constance also works to put tips for quick and practical lifestyle changes into the hands of busy adults. Constance is a member of the national Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, along with the Mississippi Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics where she actively serves as the Licensure Liaison. . She also serves on the planning committee for the Mississippi sector of Action for Healthy Kids, a national organization devoted to helping schools and kids learn to be healthier. In addition, Constance dedicates much of her effort to the overall health of the state by serving on the planning committee, as well as the Nutrition workgroup chair for Mississippi’s statewide obesity council.



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