A Resolution of Faithful Fitness: First Year of Crossfit

Happy New Year! Every January we talk about resolutions and sticking to them and changing our lives. This new year I wanted to share with my readers about a change that Jess and I made and have stuck to for this entire year! Crossfit has become a passion like no other and not only have we seen improvements physically and mentally, we have found something that we are both extremely passionate about- which allows us to enjoy our marriage that much more.


Today marks a year of Crossfit for Jess and I (I know, I know…. it’s super lame that I remember the exact day). Last year over the holidays, I was at the point where I was desperate for fitness change. Crossfit crossed my mind numerous times before I even let myself consider it- just because the name in itself is so intimidating. But with a little encouragement from the hubby, some co-workers, and a sweet sweet friend I decided I should finally give it a try.  On January 7, 2013  this little outgoing southern sass was an absolute nervous wreck walking into Crossfit 27:17 in Flowood, MS. BUT even through all the fear of complete embarrassment, I knew that I would never look back.

Even after that first day when I was forced to practice weight lifting movements with a PVC pipe while everyone else got to use weighted bars, I still face embarrassment. Crossfit is not a graceful sport in case you were wondering. In a year’s time I have fallen flat on my butt during a heavy lift (or two, or three, or four….), let several dirty words slip from my lips while Christian music is playing in my ears, ran smack into doorways and J hooks (leaving lovely bruises for weeks), fallen off the rig, and ripped the seam of my shorts while back squatting…oh yes, THAT seam. The opportunity for embarrassment is never-ending, the difference now is that I don’t care. Not only am I more confident in my ability get back up and try again, but I now know that I am surrounded by people who will encourage me rather than judge me. Plus they know that as soon as they did judge me, it would happen to them! HA!

Since our new found fitness path has begun, I have received countless questions about crossfit. Mostly from girls just like me who seem to be scared to pull that trigger and walk in the door. Also, I just recently had three of my greatest friends commit to starting this journey. I thought it’d be interesting to share with the world some of the fun things I have learned about crossfit over this year, to show that crossfit is not this crazy-people cult that only the ultra athletes do. The reason it is such an obsession is not because of the awesome results you see after committing to it (don’t get me wrong.. that part is great too) but it is about more than that. It is about the atmosphere of pushing yourself to the absolute limit daily. Accomplishing things you didn’t even know existed. Being with people who are feeling your struggle and there to pick you up before you give in.

I HAVE GAINED A NEW FOUND APPRECIATION FOR DOORWAYS AND CORNERS. Never did I ever think that a door frame or wall corner could be beneficial for anything other than holding up walls… until crossfit. There are nights when I come home from the gym and lay myself against a wall corner wedging my muscles just right to release the tension and sigh in both pain and relief. I wouldn’t have learned this amazing trick for muscle tension if my crossfit friends had not shown me.

So serious

I AM PRETTY SURE CROSSFIT IS THE NEXT BEST THING TO HIGH SCHOOL/COLLEGE SPORTS. You honestly would think when you walk into a crossfit gym that we are some kind of team getting ready for the big game. With all the discussion about wrist wraps, gloves, jump ropes, socks, lifting shoes, nanos, headbands, grips, pre-workout, post-workout, compression sleeves, chalk, tape, foam rollers… you get the idea. We, the team, are getting suited up for battle. And as lame and ridiculous as I thought this was when I first began, I am now the main one asking “Do you like those? I’ve been thinking about getting some…”. I am officially that girl carrying a large pink bag into the gym with all my equipment, prepared for anything that may happen during today’s WOD.

SUDDENLY, 3 INCH SPANDEX SHORTS ARE NO LONGER CONSIDERED ‘SKANK WEAR’. In  the Mississippi summertime in a tiny gym with no air condition, those itty bitty shorts suddenly start to look like a good idea. They don’t get in your way, they stay in place, and best of all, they allow for maximum exposure to air coming from the itty bitty fans lining the walls. Not to mention that after suffering through a year of heavy squats, I have started to believe that my butt DESERVES to wear those things!! (kidding… not really.)

I HAVE REGAINED MY ABILITY TO DROP IT LIKE IT’S HOT. This is what my crossfit BFF and I call any type of squatting movement. We were certain that after our college bar hopping days ended this ability would cease, but there is hope! We have retrained our bodies and relearned this motion, not to mention we can do it with over 100#’s on our backs. Now our new goal is to get as low, low, low, low as possible.

I’VE HAD A FITNESS REALITY CHECK. When I started a year ago, I figured that by this time I’d be the baddest Crossfit chick on the block. I mean… Crossfit Games here I come! WRONG. Those women that you see on ESPN are serious beasts who have been training for years (unless they are the rare ones who received some lucky gene pool- and then I hate them.). They are highly disciplined and have way wayyyy more commitment than I do. So my reality check has set in, I guess I will never get to quit my job and become a crossfit superstar. But that still doesn’t stop me from trying my hardest everyday. There is absolutely no better feeling on this earth than accomplishing something that you could not do a month prior. Crossfit movements in many ways are like a drug. You will do whatever it takes to work towards getting it, and once you do, it is the biggest high on this earth. You enjoy that high for only a short time, then you are back out reaching for something even better.I’ve realized that this sport is more about constantly setting goals and breaking them… rather than being a supernatural crossfit beast.

Thanks to Holly for taking this pic with me!

Thanks to Holly for taking this pic with me!

AS IRON SHARPENS IRON, SO ONE MAN SHARPENS ANOTHER. The people at my box are like family. Do we get along all the time? No way. Have I ever yelled at someone in frustration? Oh yes. But at the end of the day we are all there to encourage each other and watch our family members succeed. Watching my classmates improve from only last week’s time, weight, or reps is seriously just as rewarding as making my own improvements. It may sound elaborate but it’s real.

The worst part about Crossfit, is walking in the door. If I can do it, anyone can. So if it’s crossed your mind more than once, go ahead and step up to the plate (literally.) Check out http://www.crossfit2717.com. This Christian gym is located in Flowood, MS and is owned and operated  by the best programming coach around (I’m not just partial, ask anyone)!


One thought on “A Resolution of Faithful Fitness: First Year of Crossfit

  1. Awesome blog! I am just beginning my crossfit journey! I’ll be interning for a crossfit gym, and working out with them at the same time! So nervous, I had an interview yesterday and it was my first time walking into a crossfit gym – a little intimidating…but I’m super excited. Glad to hear it worked well for you! very inspiring 🙂 I’ll also be blogging my journey

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