NEW YEAR, NEW YOU…. but for how long?

Photo from: Davey Wavey Fitness

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

I am officially back into the swing of things after a break from work, blogging, and normal daily life. Christmas with my family was wonderful, and I ate so much in a matter of three days (Christmas Eve Eve, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day) that I am still working hard to make sure I don’t gain any weight from that little bingefest.

Like many people in the new year, Jess and I decided to make a big change. We are bored with our typical workout routine, so we joined Crossfit!! We have been about 4 times now, and we absolutely LOVE it. I love not having to think about my workout for the day because it is already written for you! And even though all of my close friends and family have heard me complain for two weeks straight about how sore I am, I love that I am actually feeling soreness! I guess I had gotten so used to my other repetitive workouts that my muscles stopped feeling the burn- now my muscles truly hate me!

So I am sure several out there were like Jess and I and decided to make a huge change in 2013. Majority of new year resolutions are typically health related. We laughed so hard on January 2nd because all of the stores seemed to have moved the “organic” “low-fat” “fitness” “diet-friendly” items to the front and center of the stores! Unfortunately because trends move so quickly in America, by the end of January the Valentine’s candy, cupcakes and cookies will be center of attention and those “healthy” items will probably be on clearance. It is hard enough to stay committed to a resolution but in a few weeks we will actually have the stores working against that vow you made just a few weeks ago by offering you unhealthy junk on every aisle corner.

My thoughts on blogging this week have been that most everyone is probably seeing their resolution fade even now, the second week of January. So today I am providing some tips on how to set yourself up for continued success, and to take the right steps in order to stay motivated.

Pick ONE thing to change.  Aim to focus on one change this year. Those of us out there saying that we are going to cook healthy every night, cut out all carbs, exercise every morning and afternoon of everyday and stop eating dessert forever will probably fail miserably at every single one. So take it one step at a time. Once you feel like you’ve accomplished one goal and can maintain it, then move on to the next.

Create a specific goal. The resolution to “eat better” or “workout more” often comes with failure just because it seems very overwhelming. If your overall goal for 2013 is to eat a better diet, break it down into more specifics. For instance, you can first focus on incorporating at least two more vegatables into your diet per week. Then move onto something else specific once that one is accomplished!

Allow yourself to work at a moderate pace. If your new resolution is to cut out dessert or go to the gym, don’t make it an all or nothing thing. Start slowly by saying that you will work out at least three days a week or you will only have dessert on the weekends. This way, it doesn’t feel like you are completely overworking or depriving yourself.

Remember- mistakes will be made. You are not going to be perfect all the time. You will slip up and eat something you shouldn’t, or “accidentally” forget to go the gym. THIS IS OK. The important thing to remember about a resolution is that you are committing to try harder. So as long as you know that you will get back on track tomorrow, things will be fine!

Reward yourself. No one comes out on the positive end of a resolution if you are all work and no play. Eventually you give up the work completely!  If you have stuck to your routine without any failures this week, give yourself a reward! And DO NOT base your reward on pounds lost. When you stick to your healthy routine, the weight loss will come. Jumping on the scale everyday, twice a day, is not going to make it come any faster.


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