Frozen Food Frenzy!

A typical TV Dinner.

A typical TV Dinner. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Due to the holiday season, I have realized that I am exceeding in the “worst wife ever” category along with the “worst blogger ever.” What do I mean by this? I’ve stopped cooking. I am spending my afternoons after work shopping, and not getting home soon enough to plan a meal. Plus, I will just admit it, I DON’T FEEL LIKE IT. Something about the holidays makes me only want to bake fatty yummy desserts, not healthy (still yummy) entrees. So because of this, Jess and I have been eating lots of take out (salads of course) and basic meals like tacos, sandwiches and cereal! 🙂

I figured that if I, the foodie, am having culinary this holiday season then my friends probably are too. So, even though I do not encourage frozen meals on a regular basis, I am going to provide guidelines to making the better choice if/when frozen dinners are a must.

  • Read the ingredients. Try to avoid a mile long ingredient list full of words you can’t pronouce.
  • Select a dinner within 350-500 calories. Don’t aim for extremely low calorie content, because you probably will not get the energy and nutrients needed. Plus, you will probably be hungry shortly after.
  • Avoid more than 600mg of sodium. This one will probably be the hardest because most frozen meals are packed with sodium.
  • Aim for only 2 g of saturated fat and NO trans fat.
  • Incorporate all food groups. Try to get  veggies, whole grains, and a protein in your frozen meal. You can even make some Knock-off White Chocolate Strawberries for dessert to get your dairy and fruit in!
  • Shoot for at least 5g of fiber. At least this amount is recommended for a full meal if you are going to succeed at getting a a minimum of 25 g per day.

I hope some of these tips help you get through the busy holiday season… and I promise to get back on track with my delicious healthy recipes after January!


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