Posted in November 2012

Staying Thankfully Thin This Thanksgiving!

There is absolutely no way that I am going to post about how to make “diet” Thanksgiving dishes this holiday. In my family, “lighter” versions of holiday favorites just will not cut it. In fact, I am almost certain that it will cause some serious anger. For instance, my mother is famous for her sweet … Continue reading

Crockpot Crazy: Chicken Taco Soup

Fall of 2011 was the time that some of my ideas on marriage and my role as “Super Wife” came tumbling down on the top of my head. One day about four months after Jess and I had been married, I got a huge reality check that I couldn’t be my husband’s and my household’s … Continue reading

Whole-y Moley! Do You Know Your Grains?

Well I’m sure you’ve heard it by now “Make half your grains whole.” That catchy little phrase used by the USDA to encourage Americans to be aware of the grains they are consuming. Ever since this phrase created some buzz, people are aiming to eat more whole grains… but are they really eating whole grains … Continue reading