Posted in September 2012

Is Your Food Safe??

So this question stuck in my mind after the 50 billionth time that Jess asked me if we should leave our food out a bit longer to “cool off” before we freeze or refrigerate it. Back when I was in school, I made the mistake of talking to him about the safety zones of cooked food. … Continue reading

The Low Down on Low-Calorie Sweeteners

There is such a debate about all of the different sweeteners out there. I have done some research on three popular artificial sweeteners and come to my own conclusions about them. Below you will find basic information including the TRUE scientific research on each. Aspartame (Equal, NutraSweet, NutraTaste) Sweetness Level: 200 times sweeter than table … Continue reading

Effortless Crockpot Chicken

This chicken was just so fabulous. It all started when I went to Kroger, was browsing the chicken section, and found a Simple Truth whole chicken on sale because there were two days until it’s sell by date (this happens a lot at my little Kroger). So I called my mom and asked her what … Continue reading